MEDI-RUB® Foot Massager


The MEDI-RUB® foot massager can be beneficial for anyone looking to relieve tension or muscle cramps and restore healthy circulation. People suffering with peripheral neuropathy benefit from daily use to combat their symptoms. The nerve stimulation and increase in blood flow to the feet and legs provided by the MEDI-RUB® is an important component in the treatment protocols for our patients with peripheral neuropathy.


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Medi-Rub Foot Massager includes:

  • Foot Massager
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lifetime Warranty

The MEDI-RUB® foot massager is part of a home care program to maintain or improve circulation to combat the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

The MEDI-RUB® is for those suffering with any of the following symptoms: Pain, Tingling, Burning, Heat / Cold Sensations, Numbness, Skin Feels Too Tight, Swelling/Edema, Discoloration, Hypersensitivity, Poor Circulation, Loss of Balance and Difficulty Walking, Muscle Cramps or Sleep Disruption.


  • Activates blood flow & increases circulation
  • Improves nutrient and oxygen to the cells
  • Stimulates the nerves  of the feet and legs
  • Aids in the reduction of muscle cramps
  • Removes lactic acid and cellular waste
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes healing

Lifetime Warranty Plan

This plan covers ALL service and repair fees of the MEDI-RUB® CORPORATION Foot and Body Massager. Shipping is not included. All coverage commences on the original product purchase date and is only valid to the original purchaser. The Lifetime Warranty Plan is only valid if MEDI-RUB® CORPORATION Products are used in accordance with the instructions, warnings, and safeguards in the owner’s manual/brochure. MEDI-RUB® CORPORATION hereby warrants to the original purchaser that it will repair or replace the defective unit at no charge, including shipping (within the continental United States), during the first 90 days of purchase. This plan is valid ONLY on purchases commencing January 2020 from AUTHORIZED MEDI-RUB® CORPORATION Distributors/Sellers. The customer shall register the MEDI-RUB® CORPORATION Foot and/or Body Massager Serial Number(s) with the Manufacturer within 30 days of purchase.
General Exclusions: This Plan is not transferable and applies to each massager exclusively. This Plan does not cover FREE repair necessitated by accidental or intentional spilled liquids, insect infestations, misuses, cosmetic changes that do not affect performance, abuse, or damage caused by non-authorized personnel. This Plan is not valid for products used for commercial purposes (multi-user organizations) or public, rental, or communal use.
Cancellations: This Plan shall be canceled by us for fraud or material misrepresentation and for removal of the Product Serial Number Label.

Lifetime Warranty Registration: Fill out the Lifetime Warranty Form that will come inside the box with your product and e-mail it to

If your MEDI-RUB® CORPORATION Massager needs service/repair, please ship your product to the following address:
MEDI-RUB® CORPORATION, Attn: Repairs Department
26100 Newport Rd #A12-422
Menifee, CA 92584
Inside the box along with the massager include your contact name, address and phone number. We will contact you upon arrival of the product.
If the massager is under the lifetime warranty plan (purchased after year 2020) replacement parts and labor are free of charge. Shipping is not included.

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